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1.5646409:21Link MinorE- SWITZERLAND - Yesterday
2.1275203:33Link MinorE- NORTHERN ITALY - Yesterday
2.92114509:01Link MinorE- BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA - Yesterday
2.420136207:43Link MinorE- SPAIN - Yesterday
225183002:52Link MinorE- STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR - Yesterday
215183103:06Link MinorE- STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR - Yesterday
2.224183502:00Link MinorE- STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR - Yesterday
310188006:42Link MinorE- GREECE - Yesterday
2.27219307:23Link MinorE- NEAR THE COAST OF WESTERN TURKEY - Yesterday
1.510306602:39Link MinorE- CANARY ISLANDS, SPAIN REGION - Yesterday
27317204:13Link MinorE- EASTERN TURKEY - Yesterday
3.710485007:36Link MinorE- SOUTHERN IRAN - Yesterday
4.110493003:27Link LightE- SOUTHERN IRAN - Yesterday
4.310555003:43Link LightE- PAKISTAN - Yesterday
310673208:59Link MinorE- NORTHERN ALASKA - Yesterday
2.55706708:39Link MinorE- CENTRAL ALASKA - Yesterday
2.412715208:47Link MinorE- PUERTO RICO - Yesterday
2.316715508:10Link MinorE- PUERTO RICO - Yesterday
2.46716203:03Link MinorE- PUERTO RICO - Yesterday
2.632794309:12Link MinorE- OLYMPIC PENINSULA, WASHINGTON - Yesterday
4.4147852905:03Link LightE- NORTHERN COLOMBIA - Yesterday
4.6200859408:03Link LightE- NORTHWEST OF KURIL ISLANDS - Yesterday
2.213872507:40Link MinorE- CENTRAL CALIFORNIA - Yesterday
2.24872707:21Link MinorE- CENTRAL CALIFORNIA - Yesterday
2.54872904:56Link MinorE- CENTRAL CALIFORNIA - Yesterday
2.20883808:35Link MinorE- NORTHERN CALIFORNIA - Yesterday
2.56901006:10Link MinorE- NEAR COAST OF NICARAGUA - Yesterday
3.25909504:53Link MinorE- NEAR COAST OF NICARAGUA - Yesterday
4.491919205:13Link LightE- CHIAPAS, MEXICO - Yesterday
49971709:09Link LightE- TAIWAN - Yesterday
3.8361015303:42Link MinorE- LUZON, PHILIPPINES - Yesterday
4.7511022806:26Link LightE- GALAPAGOS ISLANDS REGION - Yesterday
5.1581032206:50Link ModerateE- NEAR COAST OF NORTHERN PERU - Yesterday
3.31141070203:54Link MinorE- ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE - Yesterday
4.2101126908:23Link LightE- LA RIOJA, ARGENTINA - Yesterday
3.8551141702:08Link MinorE- ATACAMA, CHILE - Yesterday
4.6901160908:57Link LightE- SAN JUAN, ARGENTINA - Yesterday
4.1191176907:42Link LightE- JAVA, INDONESIA - Yesterday
3.3101179608:08Link MinorE- JAVA, INDONESIA - Yesterday
2.7131182302:01Link MinorE- JAVA, INDONESIA - Yesterday
2.161196204:27Link MinorE- ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII - Yesterday
2.3331197802:18Link MinorE- ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII - Yesterday
2.1351198302:06Link MinorE- ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII - Yesterday
3.5101211207:32Link MinorE- SOUTH OF JAVA, INDONESIA - Yesterday
3.7321255302:28Link MinorE- OFF COAST OF ARAUCANIA, CHILE - Yesterday
4.1101325809:10Link LightE- NEAR N COAST OF NEW GUINEA, PNG. - Yesterday
5.6101367602:27Link ModerateE- SOUTHEAST OF EASTER ISLAND - Yesterday
4.7891503005:34Link LightE- SOLOMON ISLANDS - Yesterday